What Professionals are sharing about Lisa Fricke:

“Lisa Fricke is passionate about kids. She has committed her life to making sure our youth are educated, respected and given the tools to be successful members of our Republic. She is a champion for children!”
Dean Tickle, Superintendent

“Lisa Fricke is one of the most caring, dedicated, and passionate educators I have ever seen. Lisa cultivated quality and individualized instruction for all students. She demanded maximum student effort and personal best daily. Lisa is a true professional educator and an outstanding leader.”  

Scott West, Principal

“Lisa Fricke is able to build and maintain an inviting, compassionate, and successful learning classroom environment. Lisa’s students of diverse abilities benefit from a classroom rich in a variety of instructional strategies, time management, and classroom management. Lisa’s passion for education is a benefit to all who are fortunate to encounter her teaching.”

Steph Ringenberg, colleague

“Both of my daughters were fortunate enough to have Lisa as an English teacher. Her energy, enthusiasm and creativity meant that students not only learned, but retained material they will use throughout their lives. Lisa has also had the opportunity to work with a multi-cultural student population and their parents. Dealing with people from all walks of life and all types of educational backgrounds would seem a perfect segue for serving on the State School Board of Education.”

Barb Batie, Parent

“As a public school employee, I look for someone who can relate to educators and be a voice for ours schools. Throughout Lisa’s years of teaching, she has demonstrated a deep understanding of crucial issues facing local schools and government. Her lifetime commitment to education, and her ability to place herself in the role of student, teacher, and parent make her an all around exceptional leader capable of representing our schools. I truly believe that Lisa has the vision, experience, intelligence and enthusiasm to represent us!”
Amy Pepplitsch, Middle School Teacher

Prepare Children to Learn

Lisa Fricke

Capture their natural curiosity to instill learning.

Apply Reasonable Accountability

Lisa Fricke

Excessive testing diminishes both teaching & learning.

Provide Appropriate Class Size

Lisa Fricke

Research has shown that the teacher per pupil ratio has an effect on learning.